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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

I am a consumer and do no qualify for wholesale product. Can you sell me product?

In order to purchase product our customers must be open as a wholesale account with the manufacturer. If you are not qualified for a wholesale account we can direct you to a dealer who will be able to best service your needs.

I bought your product from a local retailer. Who should I contact with questions?

If you have any questions related to your purchase, it is best to contact your local retailer. If you have questions regarding replacement parts or manufacturer’s warranty, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

I have a meeting with a customer. Can I borrow samples to use?

Yes, our customers may sign out and borrow samples from our showroom. If you are looking for a particular item, please contact us to confirm that we have the item available.

I do not live in your territory. Can you still assist me with product?

If you do not live within our contracted territory (CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, MT, ID, WY, CO, UT, NM, AK, HI), please contact the manufacturer to be directed to the sales representative who will be able to best assist you.

How do I open a wholesale account with a manufacturer?

There are a number of requirements to open wholesale accounts with our represented manufacturers. If you are interested in opening an account with a manufacturer, please contact us for more information.

How do I open an account with 13west?

13west does not open any accounts directly with the agency. If you are interested in products made by one or more of our represented manufacturers, please contact us for more information as to how to open an account directly with the manufacturer.

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